SPECS Soccer Experience with IFA

SPECS Soccer Experience with IFA:

  • Specs Soccer Experience with IFA tanggal 9-10 Juli 2011 sudah dilaksanakan.
  • Bintang tamu yang datang adalah Cristian Gonzales, Yongki Ariwibowo.
  • Alfred Riedl dan Wolfgang Pikal (Headcoach TimNas dan Assitant Headcoach TimNas) juga turut hadir pada acara ini.
  • Bagi adik2 Peserta dan adik2 Calon Peserta, Soccer Experience with IFA akan diadakan lagi, waktu dan tempatnya akan diumumkan kemudian.

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A new concept of soccer camp for your boys and girls aged 6-14. Combining both indoor and outdoor sessions, to give a holistic knowledge of High Level Football.

Class sessions with video to introduce the very basic foundation of playing real football and also listening to the EXPERIENCE of Indonesian football hero, Cristian Gonzales about his life and football career.

As your kids get more excited after witnessing the True Hero sharing about his inspiring life, we will take them to a new EXPERIENCE and get a lifetime opportunity to train and play with Cristian Gonzales!

A world class shot by Cristian Gonzales last December, remember?

That’s not just it, your kids will also join quality yet full of fun training sessions made and conducted by our former Manchester United Soccer Academy Coach, and current Technical Director plus Head Coach of Indonesia Football Academy (IFA). This surely bring a fantastic EXPERIENCE for your kids.. And also a positive environment for them to spend the holidays EXPERIENCING THE REAL FOOTBALL..

So, register your kids to make sure they are in the TEAM!

Training Jersey and shorts, and a bunch of Exciting EXPERIENCES are waiting..!!


Soccer Experience:  Experience the real play and play the real Experience!